4 Traditional Dresses You should choose to Up your Fashion Game this Onam

India has a vibrant and diverse culture. In the midst of it lies fashion and food. Our culture and religious festivals greatly affect our sartorial choices. India is now gearing up for a week-long harvest festival called Onam. It is fervently celebrated across India and especially in southern states like Kerela.

Onam is a zeitgeist of traditional ethnicism. Women wear beautiful pastel Sarees, Anarkali Sets, Lehengas, etc., to commemorate the occasion with the celebration of the Indian cultural value system and beliefs. Here are 4 Traditional attires that should be stacked in your wardrobe for Onam:

Designer Sarees

Was that a no-brainer? Of course, it was but still worth the mention. Women look beautiful in sarees would be an understatement. Whereas women are a sight of elegance and divinity defined in sarees can be considered as a fitting statement. The reason why sarees are the immediate picks of women is that they look equally beautiful on voluptuous women as well as slender-figure ladies. Designer Sarees are worth a shot if you are currently in a fix to choose the preferred form of your clothing at the Onam festival.

Anarkali Gowns

Anarkali gowns exude grace, dignity, poise, and child-like exuberance. Anarkalis are those diverse forms of suit sets that go along well with both muted and glossy colors. Pink Anarkalis are as much in demand as grey and black mix ones. There is hardly a chance to go wrong with Anarkalis, which complements every body type, age, and color. It is a perfect choice to add beauty to the festival.

Designer Lehngas

Lehengas have found almost a routine mention in our popular culture, whether it’s songs, movies, and other forms of artistic representations. Lehngas become an obvious choice to depict a woman’s unparalleled beauty and refinement. Adding to that fandom are various types of blouses like backless, halter necks, tube necks, and knot blouses which amplify the radiance of lehengas. Ladies, no need to look further if you cannot manage the plates of sarees; you can definitely keep up the colorful dupatta-lehenga look on point.


There is a saying that goes, ‘Sharara does not belong in your wishlist, it should feature at the top of ‘Your Orders.’ Who does not want to carry shimmery, glitzy shararas with coordinated kurtas and stole or a dupatta? Shararas are your thing if you want to make your fashion statement and want to try something different from the rest. It looks good on both short and tall women and brings out a glimmer of shine that is required to dazzle in those festive looks.

Onam is a festival that binds families to traditions. These traditional festive outfits mirror what the Onam festival is all about- shimmer, shine, radiance, and connecting to roots. Indian women possess beautifully sculpted bodies which makes these options look effervescent and ethereally pleasing. They are not bothersome or difficult to carry. In fact, they are comfortable in the most styling and appealing way possible.