Beauty that Lasts Forever: Making Your Designer Clothes Last Longer

Marveling at the beauty of the designer ethnic wear in your closet? Given the beautiful designs which hit the runway, it’s hard to look at ethnic dresses without reverence. It’s not just the history and decade-old craft preserved in every design but also the dedication behind every piece. With hours, days, and even months of hard work poured into designer clothing, labels are often proactive when providing care instructions, though some may be a little too lazy to follow them.

How Should You Care for Designer Clothes?

Lack of proper care can leave your designer clothes looking a bit lackluster and unwearable in some cases. Since designer clothes aren’t cheap, we’re sure you would want to take some extra care of these clothes. A few simple tips can go a long way to ensure that your clothes are well taken care of; let’s take a look!

  • Read the Labels: First and foremost, when taking care of your designer clothes, it is essential to read the labels on your garment. After all, the ones who create these stunning outfits are the ones who understand it best, isn’t it? Every garment comes with care instructions that provide details on how you can ensure longevity; reading them carefully is especially important for designer items.
  • Soak the Stains: Oops, spilled something on your designer garment? Try as we might; accidents can happen at any time. The best way to deal with stains would be to get to them immediately, but sometimes, it isn’t so easy. The next best hack? Soak the stained area in a detergent solution or room temperature water for as long as possible. The bond between the stain and the fabric weakens as the garment soaks, making it easier for later treatments to do their magic.
  • Be Careful with Dry Cleaning: Often, you will find that designer garments call for dry cleaning. While it is best to let the professionals do all the hard work, you’ll need to ensure that you trust the right service providers. Designer ethnic wear usually features heavy embellishments and delicate embroidery, and dry-cleaning processes can damage them. Therefore, when sending these garments for dry cleaning, ensure that the service providers cover any embroidered or embellished areas to keep them protected.
  • Splurge on a Steam Iron: Have you ever wondered how dry-cleaning services furnish perfectly pressed garments to your door without an iron crease in sight? Well, the answer’s a steam iron. Although it isn’t technically a necessity, a steam iron can be a “worth it” splurge, especially if you are kept on expanding your designer garment collection. Not only does it help you ensure that your clothes look crisp, but they are easier to deal with than traditional handheld irons.
  • Opt for Protective Bags: Although we would love to get decked up every day of the week, designer items are generally reserved for special occasions and spend most of their time collecting dust inside your closet. Rather than leaving them hanging inside your wardrobe or squished between piles of clothing that are used more often, you can keep them inside garment bags. Storing your designer garments in protective garment bags ensures their longevity and helps your closet look far more organized.
Think these nifty tips could help your designer clothes last longer? At Moledro, we hope that you treat your purchase with as much love and care as we do. Though it may sound like a daunting task, these useful tips make taking care of your cherished garments easy-peasy!