Colours To Fall in Love With

Is there any limit to the colours in this world? Well, no!

With gazillions of colours existing out there, why should our clothing be restricted to a few?

And just as we are on a constant move to explore newness in our lives, the designer studios are also vibing with our emotions. They are not just bringing design variety to the table but experimenting with traditional colours. Remember, how the usual bridal wear is of red shade but when Alia Bhatt wore an off-white outfit, we all went gaga about it?

We are talking about that awe-moment that made us reimagine Indian ethnic wear and how exquisite it can appear when it comes into a designer’s hand. On the same note, we would like to introduce to you the new shades that Moledro has experimented with for the Indian ethnic attires. Let’s have a look at these beauties and we are sure that you’ll be enchanted:

1. Noor Kaftan Set:

We all are forever taken by comfy clothes and that’s where Noor Kaftan Set has made a space in our hearts. But now there are added reasons to it. The beautiful attire is now available in new colours. The contemporary dress now comes in black and beige hues and one word that can define it is ethereal. In both the shades, the attire looks unique and magnificent.

2. Saima Lehenga:

Words are less to define the Saima Lehenga set. The outfit has a contemporary style, off-shoulder blouse, intricate work, gold, and copper printing and more, all highlighting ultimate craftsmanship. Now there are even more reasons to love this designer lehenga set. The newly introduced aqua variant in it. Perfect for soirees and even other celebrations that take place during the day hour, this lehenga set is never going to stop weaving its charm on us.

3. Mahi Lehenga:

The perfect occasion wear for wedding, the Mahi lehenga set has been everyone’s favourite. And why should it not be? It has a beautiful designer lehenga paired with a blouse that speaks of craftsmanship along with a printed dupatta of fringe details. You must be wondering what new we can bring to increase its beauty. Well, it the availability of it in an olive-green shade. Yes, the trendy colour has seeped into the ethnic wear section, making us fall in love with it.

4. Khwaish Sharara Set:

People’s favourite Khwaish sharara set is known for its quality design and comfort. The attire has been seen making its way on many Instagram influencers’ stories too. Well, now this piece of luxury is also available in graceful lavender shade. Yes, the same design with similar prints and embroidery now has a cool shade that imparts calmness to the beholder and an edgy personality to the wearer.

As a design studio, it is important to bring new shades and designs to the offering list. As much as the traditional colours are loved, today’s generation loves to stand out in the crowd and that can be done by adding just a drop of a new colour to your original design. And that’s what we love, experimenting and giving new range to our customers out there!