Enchanting Tales of Delicate Floral Prints through Centuries

Delightful, vibrant, and lively blossoms are one of the evergreen prints for any season that anyone can hardly resist. For centuries women have loved florals and cherished their soft subtle beauty over any fabric as they also symbolize thoughtfulness, purity, and charm. These astonishing delicate blossom prints originated from the East and then traveled from the Orient and Asia to the west.

As per the sources, traders first bought some exquisite pieces of clothing printed with vibrant floral motifs over glossy silk and marketed them in Europe, which got sold at costly prices among the upper class who can afford it. As the surge in demand rose soon, it became highly famous all over the world. To date, every designer has a wide range of floral-themed clothing collections in varied color tones from soft pastels to bright as glossy light ranges, and they always remain festive favorites.

Rise of floral print with Peonies:

Peonies from China are extraordinary flowers that served as the first inspiration for floral motif and printing. They have large vivacious, bright petals and incredible shapes. This stunning flower has a greater significance in Chinese culture, art, and other forms. As today's world has seen the splendid work with floral motifs in different shades, patterns, and designs before peonies, these delicate blossoms are rare to be found. It was during the Tang Dynasty in China that these floral delights become famous over silks. They grew potentially strong only after 1000 years in the west when the flower prints from China and Japan marked their foot in western European markets at lower prices through lower versions of fabrics and patterns.

Journey of florals through centuries:

The aristocrats are favorites and loved by almost everyone; delicate florals have no enemy. From 17th century Persians Tulips to Indian Chintz and French brocade in 18th where daisies, carnations, and roses were used to decorate sheer silk brocades. But one flower among all caught the eye after the Victorian age, and William Morris, the visionary poet, and thinker bought this simply elegant flower into the limelight. Eventually, it started gaining popularity in everything like wallpapers, tiles, and other home decors too. The concept of floral patterns was exquisite and charming, which is, to date, a hot selling item.

Today's era

With urbanization and every brand stepping globally with their local artifacts, there is a massive shift in color palettes, design concepts, and techniques. But one thing for sure hasn't changed that is the undying love for florals; whether it is a wedding, festivities, or a casual hangout with pals, floral prints are always a soother to eyes winning hearts. The diversity can be seen not only in clothing but other fashionable accessories too. From soft pastel florals to bright fuchsias, our designer labels are exploring every bit of it to make that special moment for special.