Gulnaz - A magical moment of rebirth

The story of our shining flower; illustrates the journey from the dormant state of nature to the blossoming of flowers at the advent of the spring season. Spring, the magical season of rebirth generous to all flowers alike; creates heaven on earth with these gorgeous beauties that are beyond our realm of comprehension. During this season of color and joy universe surprises us with its mesmerizing creations which touch every soul and make them believe in the circle of life by nature.

Our Gulnaz collection is the celebration of this magical moment of nature in various floral motifs representing the awakening/rebirth. Intertwining the beauty of the floral motifs in their utmost glory over glistening fabrics and mystical embellishments, Gulnaz aims to transport you to the mesmerizing garden of enchantment wherein one is slowly discovering from one flower to the next to find her ultimate calling. Every beauty that has been crafted in this collection has its own journey like the cycle of life and that’s why we believe that every outfit has a unique identity to connect with different souls. Adorned with delicate embroideries, sequins, zari, and so many other astonishing detailing, these outfits have been curated to add those sparkles of magic to your precious joys.

Today's women want to touch every possibility with their passion, and for such carefree and beautiful souls our Gulnaz is a touch of love to boost their confidence and desires. Every woman wants to be at their best when it comes to celebrations and for these cosmopolitan souls, we have anarkalis to shararas, dhoti pants to kaftans, crop tops, and so on for every occasion. Inspired by nature and accomplished by the artists, Gulnaz is a treasure to add the versatility to your wardrobe to glam up the festivities. Stay tuned with us to checkout the whole collection on our website