How Color yellow has become the inspiration of arts, crafts, and tradition over the centuries

When the first ray of sunlight touches us do not, we all feel alive like never. The glittering yellow rays filled with fresh vibes and a feeling of positivity is sometimes all we need especially when bone-chilling winters hit you hard and everything seems gloomy all-day rounds. When we talk about yellow then there are so many things that come to our mind starting from the sun god to Haldi yellow, dazzling sunflower yellow to glittering gold yellow so basically our the happy color yellow is so much versatile that it can almost relate to everything that is good, positive, and soothing.

Yellow has been one of the oldest color inspirations for arts and paintings even traced during the era of ancient Egypt and Rome. Even the cave paintings have been found with traces of this beautiful color and it has been marked as one of the oldest pigments in existence. Cave paintings which are our treasure for historic and archeological importance over 17,000 years old had used yellow and it has been found in 1920 and continued to be used today. One of the most celebrated and mystical painter Van Gogh was famous for his work with innovative uses of bright colors. Some of his famous work and Magnus opus Starry Night (1889) has tones of bright blue and what was amazing and mysteriously beautiful was the color of moon and stars in color yellow. So even through colors, one can depict their state of mind and feelings such as the power of art and artists.

India is a country full of traditions and cultures and here everything has some value and history to it. When we talk about the colors there are some colors that have great importance and have significant value. The yellow color symbolizes happiness, meditation, peace, and mental development. Also, according to our ancestors and history, it is believed that Lord Vishnu's favorite color is yellow and is very auspicious to wear it on traditional festivities and occasions. We do prefer wearing yellow for several other occasions like wedding festivities as Haldi, shagan and even weddings. But apart from the symbolic value if one can feel then we think seeing anything in yellow immediately catches your attention and brings that instant glow to your face.

Surrounding your environment with positivity and happiness totally depends on how you are adding life to it with colors, happiness, and laughter. Yellow is often seen as a best-suited color in wedding festivities and people can never go wrong with this color during occasions and Indian celebrations.