How has Indian ethnic wear grown into a billion-dollar industry?

Take a look around you. It isn't too difficult to find women wearing traditional ethnic wear, is it? For most, the answer would be no. Though western wear is dominant in most women's regular daily wardrobe, ethnic wear isn't disappearing any time soon. The Indian ethnic wear industry in India is projected to grow to 1.7 trillion by 2023.

For the love of Ethnic Wear

No matter what you may like to wear regularly, it would be a feat for you not to have at least one set of traditional clothing in your wardrobe. But, for those who love vibrance, sparkles, and a little bit of glamour in their lives, ethnic wear is non-negotiable. The beauty and comfort of ethnic wear from high-end clothing stores, make them popular among people, no matter the occasion. But, it's time to delve deeper into why ethnic wear hasn't become a thing of the past.

A must for festivities

Sure, if there is a small puja at your home, you may get away with fusion wear or even western clothes. However, you wouldn't find anyone who prefers Western outfits over traditional wear from high-end clothing stores during a grand celebration.

Whether it's Diwali or a wedding, the beauty of traditional wear is unmatched. After all, who would want to dance in celebration wearing jeans and a top? The flare of the latest designer Anarkali gown or lehenga accentuates the beauty of every move; who'd ever want to pass it up?

Versatile and evergreen

What could be more versatile than ethnic wear? From the big fat Indian wedding to the evening soirees, there's something for every occasion. With the rise of fusion wear, ethnic garments are becoming a staple for the everyday wardrobe. Dress up by adding accessories, or dress down with simple designs; you'll have plenty of options.

A Must for the Bride

Can you imagine an Indian wedding where the bride isn't decked up in Indian ethnic wear? From sarees to lehengas, ethnic long coasts, and the latest designer Anarkali gowns, bridal wear in India is unique and diverse. Moreover, Indian weddings aren't a one-day affair. There seems to be an Anarkali or Sharara set for every ceremony that is waiting to be picked up!

What fuels your love for ethnic wear? Thanks to the increasing demand for ethnic wear, designers have innovated what 'traditional' looks like. Now, even lehenga sets will have stunning designs that are much different from the popular styles before.