Meeting The Opulence Through Fabric

Regality, opulence, and comfort are the top factors that we look for while making a dress purchase. These key elements are often fulfilled through the right choice of fabric. As a designer and founder of Moledro, I would like to take your attention to the quality of fabrics and how it makes a difference in every attire.

During the curation of a dress, the look and feel of the fabric are always considered. You cannot expect a similar effect from silk and cotton; the two fabrics that are predominantly found in the Indian subcontinent. If you look for creating a style statement and making a space in the fashion world, fabrics are the wee factor that can cause grand effects. So to all the luxury-seeking souls, here is a list of fabrics that meet your criteria without putting much effort and burning a hole in your pocket:


Silk is a fabric known to all. Available easily in the market, it is a natural fiber produced by the silkworm. Silk fabric is known for its high quality, smooth finish, and unparalleled softness. The fabric also has a subtle shine that creates a space of luxury. The renowned designer Oscar de la Renta was all praises of silk and once rightly said, “Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand”. Well, ask any fashion expert and they all will happily nod to it.


Velvet is a fabric that instantly catches attention, all for the right reasons. It has a smooth, shiny, and soft finish that embraces richness in each weave. It is one of the most popular choices to curate dresses, blouses, and kurtas for occasion wear. Velvet is woven over a special loom where two fabrics are warped together and later cut in a special way to create the nap.


Organza finds its extensive use in occasion wear, Indian ethnic dresses for wedding as well as accessories. This sheer piece of fabric was traditionally made from silk, however, now it is also curated out of various synthetic fabrics. The shine and translucent look of the organza are truly magical, followed by comfort. The right use of it in curating Indian festive dresses creates a dramatic and royal look.


Chanderi fabric is the trademark of a small village in Madhya Pradesh. This special fabric is curated out of silk, cotton, and zari work. Chanderi is characterized by small gold, silver, or copper buttis that are long-lasting and give the Indian festive dresses curated out of it a unique look. Chanderi is one of the top choices of ethnic wear for occasion as it embraces the luster needed to celebrate the festivity in the right way.

Designer studios keep a keen eye on the choice of their fabrics as it plays an integral part in creating the look and feel of a dress. At Moledro, the ensembles are curated of high-quality materials that ooze opulence. There is a fine line between tackiness and luxury and Moledro has expertise in it. Through profound research and years of experience and studies, we keep our women designer dresses for festive season unique with the touch of royalty.