Nazm, A Collection of Sonnets Embracing the Soul

What do we understand with Nazm? The beautiful mesmerizing sonnets that linger in our mind. Is the charm of Indian Festive wear not the same? The beautiful correlation between the essence of Nazm and occasion wear is so pure and everlasting that it gave rise to a whole new collection.

Based out of Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, Moledro, a one stop destination of occasion wear for women recently launched its collection under the name Nazm. The collection consists of over twenty ensembles, each intact with craftsmanship, bringing freshness to the eyes.

Let’s talk about its range.

The Nazm collection offers the ethnic soul a variety of designer lehenga set, designer sharara set, designer kurta set along with new expeditions in the saree world. It resonates with the woman of today. Encapsulating the sophistication, grace and elegance, the designer collection highlights the bold and edgy side of womanhood.

If we look one by one, each of its pieces speak of creative mind and craftsmanship. They represent those skillful hands sat for hours and hours to give rise to the unique outfits. The sequin and mirror work are spread like a thousand stars in the sky, glittering continuously to enchant us. The outfits also have the trademark of Moledro, beautiful and intricate hand embroidery.

Most of the dresses are covered in floral embroidery like the spring itself came to curate the pieces and left a mark of itself. The inspiration for the Nazm collection is the Spring season with the muse on searching for her love in a garden of tranquility. As she moves around, grace and joyfulness follow her whole heartedly which is embraced by the fabrics to curate garments of sheer brilliance.

The premium collection is curated mostly out of silk and its variety gives a quality to the garments. The shine in them is natural which are highlighted with unique design and structure. The designer lehenga set notice a mix of traditional embroidery with contemporary design that are perfectly combined to suit the taste buds of today’s woman.

If we talk about the designer sharara sets, they are classy and unique. Paired with kurta or tunic, they exude regality. The well-balanced attires are explored and curated in a way that has every essence of traditionality. With sheer fabrics to drapes, sharara sets have been explored in unique ways. The key highlight of this season’s designer sharara set is the Aliza Saree Sharara Set that comes with a flared bottom and off-shoulder blouse with pleasing drape. Whether you are attending regular festivities or special wedding occasions, this garment suits all and brings praises for its uniqueness.

As the designer studio stepped into the world of six yards of grace with the Nazm collection, we witnessed unparalleled work of brilliance. With Aiza, Naaz and lynna saree in its closet, the world of saree got the hint of Moledro with unique intricate embroidery and block printing. The blouses are bold and mostly feature a tassel tie up in the back. The naaz saree also has a beaded belt that wraps and sits around the waist to bring forth an ethereal look.

The overall collection is about hypnotizing the soul and bringing all the notice to the wearer. If the startling craftsmanship, pleasing design, and the right attitude does not bring you the attention then what else can? Hence reading those souls, the premium collection, Nazm witnessed its inception.