Say Hi to the 2022 Wedding Season with Designer Lehenga Collection!

A new year means a new wardrobe, right? So, as we bid adieu to 2021, it’s time to get our closet ready for the new year and the trends which will come along with it. While October to December is the more popular wedding season, there are quite a few weddings between January to March. So, in all the hurrah of the New Year, you may hit the shops a tad bit too late.

Building Your Designer Lehenga Collection

Whether you’re preparing for the end of the year or have a few invites lined up already, it never hurts to stay on top of trends. There’s nothing more frustrating than figuring out what to wear when attending a wedding: what’s too much? What’s too little? How do you strike the perfect balance? If you’re looking to expand your designer lehengas collection, it’s essential to pick the right trends.

The Layered Lehenga

When the eastern lehengas meet the simplicity of the western gowns, you get the stunning layered Lehengas. If you were keeping an eye out for trendy wedding outfits in 2021, you might have caught a glimpse of the layered Lehenga already, but it’s not about to disappear soon.

The ruffled or layered skirt adds a unique touch to the lehenga set, helping it stand out from the typical styles you traditionally see on the racks. With layered lehengas, opt for lighter fabrics to have an easier time moving around. Not only do they make the outfit lighter, but they lend an ethereal touch to the overall look.

The Peplum Sharara Set cum Lehenga

Aren’t you glad that the Peplum is making its big fashion comeback? However, this time, it seems to be far more popular within ethnic designs. Ideal for those who want to go for a layered look but don’t necessarily want to get stuck lugging around a heavy skirt. With peplums, designers have more space to express their creativity and truly add a unique flair to your lehenga set. 

Longer sleeves and lighter fabric trademark this style, making it much more comfortable to wear. In addition, the cut is ideal for wedding guests and the bride-to-be since heavy embroidery can make these lehenga sets look truly magical.


The Anarkali Lehenga

What could be a more elegant look than combining the beauty of the Lehenga with the regal Anarkali? A trend that we’re eagerly waiting to see more of is the Anarkali Lehenga set added to the designer lehengas collection across the country, as it truly sets you apart from the crowd.

The elegance of the Anarkali Lehenga comes from the top, which beautifully drapes over the skirt. As you can guess, the layered look will be all the rage in 2022, and opting for an Anarkali Lehenga set is just one way to achieve this look. Traditionally, the skirt is what draws people to a lehenga set, but it’s time to create unique silhouettes with intricately designed blouses!

Are you thrilled to start the new year and explore unique designs? We love to add a twist to the traditional without straying too far away from it. Our plans help you embrace your uniqueness while delving into the age-old beauty of traditional designs. Browse Moledro to get the latest design ideas