Spiritual Significance of Color Green to our Existence!

Colors are an essential aspect of our everyday life and amplify our emotions accordingly. Like how every creation has a deep meaning and representation, colors are one of the most powerful visualizations expressing several feelings. Each color generates energy and has a spiritual significance attached to it.

Green represents nature, growth, rebirth, health, hope, and many positive things related to overall wellbeing. One can sense the feeling of belonging and tranquillity whenever one sees this soothing color. It perfectly resonates nature cycle of birth, death, and then rebirth with transformation and new beginnings. It has the base of two hues that is blue and yellow, which are the symbols of inner peace and spiritual awakening. This color is strongly related to fertility, fruitfulness, and God’s love for humanity in many ways. And one can see how this color of calmness feels like a blessing amidst the chaos whenever they witness this world full of trees, flowers, birds, and many such incredible creations by our supreme creator. It is believed that whenever one’s soul needs rejuvenating, the cool breeze blown via the mighty trees and the dense leaves provide a sense of peace and tranquillity. The rich and flora and fauna of our majestic environment are the foundation of human existence, an ode to the color green.

Many magical creatures can be witnessed if we decide to explore the rich world full of unique living creatures such as green snakes, frogs, grass, algae, underwater beings, valleys, and many other things that are still not discovered. And with this inspiration from nature, we can experiment with this color in our fabrics, home decoration, and anything that soothes our eyes in our day-to-day routine. Every color has its own story to convey the message and influence our inner conscious, so it is highly advisable to learn the language of colors before involving them in your daily life so that you can absorb maximum positivity through it.

With spiritual connections and esoteric meaning, the color Green reflects relaxing energy for your eyes. Those who are more exposed to harmful screen rays for a prolonged period in a day are advised to see and feel the greenery outside the window for 10-15mins within every few hours. But apart from all such excellent qualities bestowed by nature through this color, we as humans have forgotten our responsibility towards them. We must preserve and protect this green world for our future, so we can at least do our bit in return for such blissful gifts from the environment.

Start seeing this as a real treasure and we will be in a better place to live.