This Independence Day, Let's Reinvigorate the Art of India

The National Handloom Day has recently passed, and we had the glimpse of our rich heritage. Thriving on the same is the Design studio Moledro that celebrates the art and culture of India by putting it across by means of design.

If you flip through the offering of the studio, you will get to witness an entire range of garment that speaks of craftsmanship and commemorates the artisans who gave rise to it and are continuing it. With its online as well as offline store, the designer studio based out of Shahpur Jat, New Delhi is making the heritage, art, culture, craftsmanship all accessible to a huge crowd.

With designer clothes, the label not only offers exquisite style but also mirrors your personality as well as educates the woke generation about how to preserve our heritage. With National Handloom Day just passed and our Independence Day approaching, let’s see what are the specialty of Indian culture that the label incorporates in each of its ensemble proudly:

1. Mirror Work:

Seeping from the Persian culture by the means of the Mughal empire, mirror work is an integral part of the Indian festive wear. Be it simple kurta sets or heavy designer lehenga sets, adding mirror work gives a whole new dimension to the entire attire. Utilizing the knowledge of the mirror work, Moledro aptly explores it over its ensembles. Moreover, to give the garments a unique touch, mirror work is combined with sequin work as well as embroidery to enhance the entire visual appeal. The dresses look mesmerizing as they through the delicate work reflect the light falling on you and help you shine in the eyes of others.

2. Hand Embroidery:

Hand embroidery is not something new to Indian culture. In fact, most of us during our childhood have witnessed our mothers or grandmothers indulging in decorating pillow sheets, handkerchiefs, table clothes and more with hand embroidery. Many of us being curious might also have tried it but somehow those golden days are gone but the beauty of it is being kept alive by Designer Houses like Moledro. The exquisite label thrives on hand embroidery. Be it zardozi or other embroidery techniques, the label explores all of it and puts it across for the appreciators in the form of floral motifs, jharokha motifs and other beautiful designs.

3. Hand Block Printing:

Hand block printing in Indian culture dates to Indus Valley Civilization. The heyday of it came when Mughals entered the Indian subcontinent and popularized it. Keeping up with such an old age tradition is not only challenging but also gives an edge to the creation of Moledro. Gold or Copper foil printing is something that the designer house diligently incorporates in its design and gives them the visual appeal that accentuates the personality of the wearer.

The rich culture of India is unmissable and unparalleled. As designers, it becomes the responsibility to carry it forward and help it grow rather than diminishing in the pages of history. This Independence Day let’s be vigilant about our culture and tradition and do our part in the resurrection of the indeginous techniques of India.