Unfolding the Essence of ZIKR Collection, Our Latest Range of Occasion wear 2021 for the Festive Season!

Love is the only thing existing in the world
lover, beloved and love are one union and
separation no longer pertain….

----Sufi poet Iraqi

Everyone belongs to Ishq; it is beyond conception and comprehension. When your heart is open, you are one with Ishq. Ishq expresses itself through you, Ishq is your very being.

‘Iraqi’s main theme was love revealed through the medium of beauty.

Our Zikr collection is the celebration of the essence of love manifested through beautiful moments in time/life. Be it the preparation of the festivities or the beginning of auspicious ceremonies, a mere Zikr of love in the moments makes them a treasure to be cherished for life.

Zikr means the remembrance (of love) passed on through generations; from a mother to her daughter in the form of a family heirloom; a piece of jewellery or clothing or something close to her heart that is a token of love & blessings to her/family. It is also the emotion with a heart full of memories leading us back to those gathering companions snickering in the "Verandah" sharing their affectionate recollections over sharing a glass of “Sharbat” or group of friends enjoying leisure time on a terrace during family get-togethers. Everything related to that moment has a story to be told, like that antique light lamp of grandfather, vintage jewellery box of a mother, or that particular dupatta weaved with precious stones and gold zari preserved through years by grandma. Inspired by such every minute detail of antique art forms, architectural gems by royals, vintage craftworks on various decorative things, we intend to create eclectic designs through the playful blending of traditional crafts with contemporary detailing and reviving the historic art forms.

Celebrating this togetherness of moments, places, and little details connected to the rich history that manifests traditions, ancient artifacts, and craftsmanship with our exclusive new range of occasion wear 2021 as "Zikr." Discover the kind of classic yet contemporary versatility of this latest edition below-

1. Lehengas & Skirts - Our Zikr lehengas reveals an amalgamation of historic art crafts with ancient hand-worked intricated embroideries. The regal shine comes from our exclusive gold foil work depicting the rich artistry of the landmark era dated back during the reign of Nawabs. Each piece is precisely hand-worked with Gotta Patti, zari, floral motifs inspired by Mughal miniatures in contrast hues, sequins, handmade tassels, and many other age-old artistic classes. Every single Lehenga or Skirt has its own story to reveal a personality with the contemporary silhouette to some fresh hues of mustard, green, pink, or coral.

2. Anarkalis & Gowns - Experience the glory of the vintage charm weaved over some real piece of exclusive Anarkalis in plush fabric, embellished with delicate detailing of some creatively carved classic motifs, which themselves have a story of folktales. The eye-catching shades of green, mustard, or fushia are like a fresh breeze for this upcoming festive season. Inspired from that lavish and extravagant era intensively revived according to today's women and their incredibly bold personality, this timeless piece of outstanding excellence is a charmer for every occasion.

3. Shararas & Dhoti Sets - Classic shararas have always been the best part of every wedding. Whereas dhotis are one of the most versatile outfit options, which can be worn either with a top or a Kurti and can never fail to impress your cosmopolitan persona. The creatively crafted embroideries, golden zari work, and captivating prints all play their part of the role in creating our exclusive Shararas. Get all decked up in our unique festive collection freshly handcrafted to glow the lively nights.

Our latest edition of occasion wear Zikr 2021 is a journey of a connection from traditional art crafts to reviving these family legacies in the form of hand printing motifs, and rich history. Moledro believes every design expresses our artist's vocabulary inspired by their family legacy of age-old conventional craftsmanship.