Unveiling Velvets

What comes to our mind when we hear velvet? The first thought which popped up to our minds is a fabric oh-so regal and vintage. Some fabrics are like moments to feel rather than just to wear for any random occasion. Velvet is among such fabric, which is characterized by its soft texture, rich deep colors, warmth, and vintage vibes. It is made in a pile weave, of silk, cotton, and synthetic fibers. And contrary to what others think, velvet is a weaving process of two layers of fabric woven together by joining a second wrap thread. The pile is then moved by separating the 2 layers, and therefore the threads that protrude vertically from the material create the feel that's typical of velvet. Nowadays with easy accessibility to some extremely classic and vintage women’s ethnic wear online options, everyone can explore versatility in fabric, color, and pattern. Thus, beautiful poetry is being created which will warm your hearts and soul.

Velvet was originated somewhere around 2000 BCE in Egypt. Then the Middle East & Eastern Europe came to their highest point. When Mughals came into India it is believed by the researchers that they introduced Velvets here with some rare history of arts. One can satisfy their quest for fine velvets at Moledro, as we curate any form of the piece after a detailed process of crafting historic arts with age-old techniques and perfection till the end. Every piece that is created at Moledro is a rare form of classic beauty and is accessible easily for women’s ethnic wear online.

Velvet is available in all price range, from rare and expensive pure silk to most affordable fabrics that are cotton, polyester rayon or synthetic. And the most commonly found types are

  1. crushed and panne velvet
  2. velveteen
  3. corduroy
  4. embossed, brocade, and burnout velvet
  5. rayon and silk velvet

Everyone in this category has their own versatility, texture, and feel. Thus, making it useable for different types of functions, which is also available today everywhere in the women’s ethnic wear online market. Not only velvet has marked its niche in the market globally but due to its soft texture and warmth, people love to wear it for any occasion.

Create a vintage style statement with a fine range of velvets this season and sparkle with grace and beauty personified. Our velvets are embellished with golden motifs and delicate designs inspired by age-old art and crafts revolutionized by today's artists. Today you will find a huge range of versatility in velvets from gowns, intricated embroidered jackets, Kurtis, and the list goes on. There are so much variety and color palette for every occasion with velvets now. With every color and design comes uniqueness creating its own story. One will always find velvet clothing extremely attractive that makes you stand out in the crowd giving a graceful regal look. This fabric is a real gem when created with patience and perfection, thus giving you a magical outfit. Explore versatility under women’s ethnic wear online or for more amazing outfits and unique creations on velvet reach out us at www.mymoledro.com