Artisanal Luxe- Craftsmanship in Luxury Fashion

The philosophy of "buy less but buy well" is firmly ingrained in artisanal luxury. The pieces are envisioned as wardrobe essentials that will never go down in vogue since it symbolizes a traditional and timeless notion of dressing properly. Our passion for Indian textiles and workmanship inspired us to develop a brand that honors both of these resources, though not in the traditional manner those handicrafts are now addressed in the design/craft ecosystem. We think that the quality that trained artisans contribute to the creation of their apparel designs cannot be replaced. The silhouettes are blatantly sensual, traditional, and cultural, and they honor Indian art.

Our ideas center on how to elevate the worth of artisanal skill and how it ought to be transmitted to younger generations going forward. The brand makes exquisitely fitted, sustainable fabric clothing that is neither sporadically nor trend-driven and has a high level of fit and quality, drawing inspiration from the expanding global fashion movement.

With all the attention on the product, from the tale of the grace of "RIWAYAT" that brings the past to life in the present, causing one to dive into the nostalgia of past regality passed down by the generations in our cultural heritage to the trajectory of a vibrant "JUGNI" that recalls the feisty features of a person living on her own terms, it is clear that craftsmanship is the heart of the fashion body and cannot be ignored in any term. True luxury is sculpted by the efforts of artists who work quietly and discretely, behind the scenes and away from the spotlight, to create prized works of art, thread by stitch.

The production of a luxurious experience involves many crucial touch points, which are represented by craftspeople. They are capable of emulating the qualities of luxury goods that consumers can highly value, such as brand heritage, company history, tradition, values, creativity, and product quality, so that they can enjoy the experience of purchasing, owning, and using a one-of-a-kind work of handcrafted art made especially for them over time.

We think that investing in handicrafts can benefit craftsmen and their communities in a number of ways. This is what we mean when we say that artisanal luxe or activity. Craft can provide significant employment prospects in a culture where technology is eliminating more and more occupations. "Craft includes project, creativity, design, and consideration in addition to "action." Generally speaking, the crafts that we should all be promoting and preserving are those in which manual dexterity can be seen not just as "labor," but as an essential element to the creation of an object that, with its rarity, beauty, significance, and uniqueness, can add value to the maker, the community, and the buyer.

Exclusiveness and sophistication are two terms used to describe luxury.  Symbolizing the creation of contemporary Indian ethnic clothing that is ethically and sustainably made, experts gathered together to design the best product for buyers and make them experience the true heritage of Indian art and textiles. Hours of practice are necessary before mastering the manipulation, but it also lends legitimacy to goods from the premium or luxury market.

Finally, artisanal skills or craft serve as a reminder that the greatest things are worthy of waiting for in a world where there is always the temptation to speed up and cut corners.