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Kasiya Lehenga Set

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Bahaar Lehenga Set

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Ezra Anarkali

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Elira Co-ord Set

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Riwayat – an ode to mehfils of royal courts

This is a tale of grace, a tale of aura that emanated a subtle aroma of nazakat, tehzeeb and tameez through the alleyways of Lucknow and Hyderabad. Memoirs of culture and traditions which was carried by the old world's royal elites getting amalgamated in one eternal tale. Riwayat resurrects a tale of voices which were long forgotten in history. The door of the mehfils will be reopened after a decade, vintage chandeliers and candles will light up the entire haveli like a bright moon, and with all of this comes the bygone era of women walking down the royal courts with poise exuding elegance and luxury enchanting every bystander, they were the repositories of art and culture, they were the silhouettes who graced these royals mehfils through their presence. 

Riwayat sings a tale of art, culture and tradition, all together connecting the past with the present, making you dive in that nostalgia of past regality carried down by generations in our heritage.

Celebrate the art, the culture and the traditions weaved by purity and dipped in tranquil hues representing the royals through the narration presented by RIWAYAT.

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