Iris LehengaIris Lehenga

Iris Lehenga

From ₹145,000.00
Natasha SareeNatasha Saree

Natasha Saree

From ₹92,000.00
Mirab SareeMirab Saree

Mirab Saree

From ₹75,000.00
Dahlia SareeDahlia Saree

Dahlia Saree

From ₹85,000.00
Zara LehengaZara Lehenga

Zara Lehenga

From ₹175,000.00
Tisha Co-ord SetTisha Co-ord Set

Tisha Co-ord Set

From ₹72,000.00
Keya Co-ord SetKeya Co-ord Set

Keya Co-ord Set

From ₹60,000.00
Nargis SareeNargis Saree

Nargis Saree

From ₹110,000.00
Jazmin SareeJazmin Saree

Jazmin Saree

From ₹85,000.00
Maha Co-ord SetMaha Co-ord Set

Maha Co-ord Set

From ₹65,000.00
Sofia Co-ord SetSofia Co-ord Set

Sofia Co-ord Set

From ₹90,000.00
Pariza LehengaPariza Lehenga

Pariza Lehenga

From ₹200,000.00
Alana Co-ord SetAlana Co-ord Set

Alana Co-ord Set

From ₹80,000.00
Anya SareeAnya Saree

Anya Saree

From ₹100,000.00
Caylie SareeCaylie Saree

Caylie Saree

From ₹95,000.00

MOLEDRO presents “FIRDAUS: a floral bloom” : a collection
encapsulating the enchanting beauty and allure of bloom. The
vibrant collection takes its cues from unbridled nature,
paradisal landscapes and rich flora. Floral Applique’s
highlighted in gold foil intertwined in opulent textural
embroideries make way for wilderness in draped modern
silhouettes. The essence of the collection resides in its
mesmerizing play on colour and silhouettes hinting a sense of
romantic glamour.

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