Daria Lehenga SetDaria Lehenga Set

Daria Lehenga Set

From ₹150,000.00
Azura Lehenga SetAzura Lehenga Set

Azura Lehenga Set

From ₹250,000.00
Marina Lehenga SetMarina Lehenga Set

Marina Lehenga Set

From ₹175,000.00
Lulu SareeLulu Saree

Lulu Saree

From ₹60,000.00
Zil SareeZil Saree

Zil Saree

From ₹95,000.00
Giza SareeGiza Saree

Giza Saree

From ₹88,500.00
Ziva SareeZiva Saree

Ziva Saree

From ₹95,000.00
Rian SareeRian Saree

Rian Saree

From ₹88,500.00
Marissa SareeMarissa Saree

Marissa Saree

From ₹88,500.00
Rydia SareeRydia Saree

Rydia Saree

From ₹115,000.00
Masha SareeMasha Saree

Masha Saree

From ₹90,000.00
Kai SareeKai Saree

Kai Saree

From ₹95,000.00
Zyra SareeZyra Saree

Zyra Saree

From ₹110,000.00
Perla Co-ord SetPerla Co-ord Set

Perla Co-ord Set

From ₹115,000.00
Athena Co-Ord SetAthena Co-Ord Set

Athena Co-Ord Set

From ₹68,000.00

Karvaan – for your destination celebrations


The coastal essence with its ever changing vistas- enigmatic & serene is the underlying theme of MOLEDRO’s latest offering this spring/summer 24 titled Karvaan.

The collection provides a seductive setting for the start of an unbound journey that echoes joy in its varying embroidery techniques and colourful play of motifs. Drawing inspiration from the fresh exotic natural landscapes to rich flora along the coasts; the SS’24 assortment features a pastel parade of marine allure.

A divine odyssey seen through the contemporary lens of new-age brides, the collection showcases the magnificent interplay of fresh blooms and coastal charm through a dynamic narrative of tradition and modernism that is bound to amplify new-age glamour this wedding season.

Karvaan signifies embarking on a journey that bridges past with the present, embracing the allure of destination celebrations and a fresh look into the luminous hours of festivities in colors that spell summer.

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