Melorra SareeMelorra Saree
On sale

Melorra Saree

₹81,000.00 ₹90,000.00
Alohi SareeAlohi Saree

Alohi Saree

From ₹75,000.00
Zil SareeZil Saree

Zil Saree

From ₹95,000.00
Masha SareeMasha Saree

Masha Saree

From ₹90,000.00
Ziva SareeZiva Saree

Ziva Saree

From ₹95,000.00
Rydia SareeRydia Saree

Rydia Saree

From ₹115,000.00
Zyra SareeZyra Saree

Zyra Saree

From ₹110,000.00
Kai SareeKai Saree

Kai Saree

From ₹95,000.00
Rian SareeRian Saree

Rian Saree

From ₹88,500.00
Marissa SareeMarissa Saree

Marissa Saree

From ₹88,500.00
Lulu SareeLulu Saree

Lulu Saree

From ₹60,000.00
Giza SareeGiza Saree

Giza Saree

From ₹88,500.00
On sale

Elara Saree

₹76,500.00 ₹85,000.00
On sale

Saavi Saree

₹85,500.00 ₹95,000.00
Nargis SareeNargis Saree
On sale

Nargis Saree

₹99,000.00 ₹110,000.00
Jazmin SareeJazmin Saree
On sale

Jazmin Saree

₹76,500.00 ₹85,000.00

Designer Sarees for Women- Moledro

If you are looking for a range of exquisite saree, giving you a glimpse of worldly arts then opt for designer sarees that embrace the creative brains and heritage. The one-stop destination for ethnic and Indian festive wear, Moledro is introducing a range of saree.

Moledro’s idea behind the introduction of saree was to take up the traditional attire and mix it with contemporary skills to curate edgy and bold pieces which world has not seen. In doing so, the designer studio gave rise to a premium collection under the name Nazm where the range of sarees are eye-catching and unique.

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