101 For Summer Dresses

The days are bright, and evenings are usually a time for a meet-up, the usual scene of the summer season. This hot season pushes us under the fan yet also brings us some of the best moments.

Let's start with the enjoyment of the king of fruits, Mango. Don't we all wait for an entire year for this pulpy licious yellow fruit? Drinking the ice-chilled sharbat or enjoying a piece of gola. Now when we retrospect, the summer season is not bad but frees us from the chains of wool and heater, bringing a sun-filled joyous season.

Whether other entities from our lives go through a drastic change or not, our wardrobe does get revamped with every season. Revitalizing the wardrobe is not an issue but keeping up with the pace and prerequisite of the season is a challenge. As we all know, wool reigns the winter season, summer season too has special fabrics that are the epitome of comfort and coziness.

As we know Indian weddings and festivities peak during the summer times, and our necessity for Indian festive dresses also increases. But how to buy the right one for yourself? Fret Not! We are here to help:


Any dress is curated out of fabric and to make a smart choice, always look for the fabric according to the season. You must be wondering why we are emphasizing on fabric? Fabric is the base layer of your garment that touches your body. It helps to keep your body cool or warm. Absorbs sweat, aids your sensitive skin, and accentuates your appeal. Your attire is like a second skin and just how beautiful your skin is, your attire should also vibe with the same feel. For Summers our top choice is cotton. To be honest, no fabric can beat the comfort that cotton provides. It is more breathable and affordable than the list of other fabrics that beat the heat. Apart from the much-loved cotton fabric, linen, khadi, and silk also are some top choices among the clothing houses for curating dresses like designer sharara set, designer lehenga set, designer kurta set and more.


Post making the smart choice of fabric, look for the colors. Summer is bright and you all would agree with this. In this jovial season, go for soothing hues that lift one's spirit and quench the thirsty soul. If you enter a marketplace, colors belonging to the lighter spectrum rule the roost and we are all gaga about it. While white is that one shade from which no one can turn their eyes, blush, nude, peach, light blue, green, and lilac are other tones that please us.

Fit And Structure:

Everyone believes that summer calls for loose clothing, however even in the loose, baggy fit, structure plays an important part. Style your dress accordingly, go for well-structured garments as it plays a significant part in giving your comfort and free movement. Even if it is burning outside, always opt for ironed clothes and embrace the dresses of your size that accentuates your shape.