Color Psychology: How Shades Affect Us?

What happens when you see a particular color? The blue sky, the green trees, white clouds, pink candy floss, and more and more, have you ever thought about why these colors make you feel good? Each color in this world causes an effect on us and leaves an impact longer and more intense than you think. We all know the importance of design in today’s time and color plays a significant role in giving the soul to any design.

Our wardrobe runs on color. And your style choices are heavily affected by the colors. Moreover, color also helps you to understand the other person’s perspective with the right knowledge.

Hence, today we would discuss how colors play a significant part in our living and help alter our moods. We would talk about the basic colors, the hues that come in the fundamental set of crayons, sketch pen, watercolor, or rainbow.

1. Red:

The red color is the most impactful and most attention-seeking shade. It represents love, passion, good, strength, and even danger. In certain cultures, it is also treated as a pious shade and that is the reason, bridal occasion wear for wedding in India is often red as it is a sign of warmth and affection. Designers experiment with this shade but in the bridal section, be it designer sharara sets, designer lehenga sets or more, red is still the first choice.

2. Green:

green lehenga

Green is a shade that instantly enlightens the mood. It represents nature, our surroundings, and healing and that’s why many designers opt for this beautiful, enriching shade in their Indian Festive Wears to bring freshness to the eyes. It also soothes the eyes and rejuvenates the soul.

3. Blue:

Blue lehenga

Trust, loyalty, and peace are represented by the blue shade and even represents the same in our ethnic wear. The blue shade has a calming effect on the eyes and reflects the approachable personality of the wearer. The Ula lehenga set by our designer is of a beautiful combo where blue is the show stealer and weaves magic on our eyes.

4. Orange:

Orange Lehenga
When it comes to orange shade, it instantly establishes a connection with the people. The color orange represents sociability, confidence, bravery as well as success. Many designer ethnic wear at Moledro is showered in orange hue as it instantly sets the mood for festivity and delivers a bold appearance to the wearer.

You must have understood how important color is in our lives. In today’s time, color is no more just basic, it also has evolved and has got divided into a gazillion shades which we can incorporate into our attire. To know more about color psychology and the importance of multiple other shades that are an integral part of Moledro’s curation, wait for our next article where we will discuss more on this topic and showcase how deeply hues affect our lives.

The topic of color psychology is vast. Understanding it to the core needs lots of research and experimentation. Hence, to discuss something this broad we need more time so that we can deliver you the right knowledge.