Today’s Time, A Junction of Mix and Match

In the new age, clothing brands are no more just another store manufacturing a bunch of dresses catering to the fashion world. They have grown aware, hinting towards ethical fashion, and inching toward a sustainable world.

Today, we are at a junction where old meets new and the young generation are trying to preserve their heritage and history. We are in dire urgency to keep a hold on our past as it has been a huge lesson for everyone. In such times, designer studios that are run by creative minds and skilled hands thrive to weave those stories in their collections.

Experiments and evolution have become quotidian terms in today’s age. And to keep the pieces of old times with newness, silhouette becomes the venture zone. Picking up traditional fabrics and curating modern-day dresses or going ahead with the traditional garments made of fabrics that are new in the market is a daily job that also meets the demand.

The revival and resurrection of hand block printing and hand embroidery at Moledro is just another example of what we are trying to convey. At the designer studio of Shahpur Jat, New Delhi which also serves online, the designer sharara set, designer lehenga set, and more are made reading today’s time.

Moledro’s every collection is an amalgamation of traditionality and contemporary. The label uses fabrics like silk, chanderi, cotton, and more to give rise to their special pieces. In order to achieve a contemporary design, the skillful hands use these fabrics and bring out the combination of designer dhoti pants with a studded bustier and a cover-up.

The use of a kaftan silhouette also gets appreciated a lot. Paired with dhoti pants or sharara pants, the ensemble not only looks unique but also gives freshness to the eyes. Moreover, the use of cape-style silhouettes has also become a part of pop culture. World-renowned brands are going for sleeves that give women wings to fly. Indian Festive Wear is also accomplishing the same.

With time, our surroundings evolve and go for the betterment. On the same note, we believe to bathe in the same essence, hence our mix and match continue. If you run through the offerings of the brand Moledro, you’ll realize the shift that modern ethnic wear for women has gone through. It is no more just a piece of clothing. It has become a statement, a style quotient that speaks out loud and grabs people’s attention.

Fashion, fabric, garments, and more have become the food. They are like those morsels which are plated to give a blast of taste to your tongue. Today, the same fabric can give rise to a line-up while keeping the fresh vibe intact. We pick up the garments and notice small details like the neckline, the embroidery, and the structure and get to see the world. A bowl of global fusion as our ethnic wear is going more for the combination of bustiers and designer bottoms with cover-ups. The combo also gives us a plethora of opportunities to experiment where designers are following their hearts with traditional, tried, and tested fabrics for which everyone vouches. The use of ruffles, sheer fabrics, and whatnot, hints that today’s mind loves to experience the best of times.