Nazm- A Collection to Linger in Your Mind Forever

What are some of the ways to encapsulate the freshness, the memory of a season? Maybe through the everyday necessity of a human being, attires. Our clothes tell a tale to everyone. They are an extension of our personalities. They make a statement, they break the stereotype, and they support our persona. As an art form, our dresses are for creating an experience, for us and for the eyes of the beholder. 

When we describe our dresses, it falls nothing short of a poem and takes us on the same rhythm where we practice our verses through color choices, design preference, and more. We touch, feel, and embrace the pattern of it, just like a beautifully written poem that with just a few words linger in our mind forever.

On the same note, presenting a brand-new collection of Indian Festive Wear, Nazm- A poet’s dream, an artisan’s work. It is a collection that encapsulates the essence of the vibrant and soul-pleasing spring season. Moledro did not want to launch just another collection focused on rich Indian heritage but wanted to present a bowl of diversity. 

With its latest premium collection, the brand is stepping into a genre where there is an amalgamation of the fragrance of the ephemeral spring season, Indian heritage of embroidery and block print, intricate beads, and glittery work with royal colors. Curating an ensemble of such vibrancy and assortment is the work of a poet with a muse as lively and vivid as Spring.

Nazm hints at delicacy and remembrance that a poet pens down for the forerunners. Just as a poet studds the words on paper, our artisans worked in a similar way on each of the pieces to give rise to this wearable art. It exudes the feminine energy that is elegant, beautiful, and bold, conquering the world with fierceness. 

It radiates energy and empowers the wearer. The collection comprises a designer lehenga set, designer sharara set, kurta set, and the brand going ahead to explore the six yards of elegance, saree. The shades Moledro is exploring this time are pastel and vibrant colors that drop regality. 

Based out of Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, the designer studio is a one-stop destination for ethnic and fusion wear where heritage and contemporary go hand in hand. In the latest collection that is going to be rolled out soon, the tradition has been given a modern approach with statement pieces, designed with fine details. The experimentation with the blouse pieces is vivid. 

In some pieces, the grandeur look of bottom wear is balanced with the minimal top wear that features off-shoulder design, cape-style sleeves, low back neckline, and more. Moreover, the floral motif embraces the entire collection with the trademark of Moledro, gold foil printing, and embroidery, intact. The designer saree is a new arena that the brand is picking up with great enthusiasm.

 The Nazm collection of Moledro is not just another addition to your wardrobe that loses fragrance and identity over time. It is a way to stay fresh and linger in everyone’s eyes. The designer ensemble will be launched by mid-June and we promise, it is way more enchanting than our worldly description.