Play Around with Colors This Festive Season

Colors! Colors! everywhere but which one to wear!

Do you also get confused while choosing your clothing!? While taking a call on your attire, standing in front of a stack of clothes, we all go into a perplexed state as to how to make a choice.

In this beautiful world where we are bestowed with thousands of colors, picking one is always intensely difficult and we understand that agony.

However, thanks to a more structured and fashionable world, our styling senses have turned more towards the trend. And as experts, we can give you more details about the color choices you can go for the upcoming festive season.

1. Purple:

Purple is a color of royalty and how can we turn our eyes away from it. This beautiful shade compliments the skin and a variation of it also is the Pantone Color of the year. In the Indian Festive Dresses section, the craze for the royal purple shade has witnessed a drastic change. Color blocking it with golden not only gives a new dimension to the attire but also drops the luxurious feel. The online ethnic store, Moledro, loves to play around with this color. Be it the designer sharara set, designer lehenga set, dhoti pants, or kurta sets, the purple shade has been incorporated beautifully to create a range.

purple lehenga

2. Yellow:

Vibrancy with elegance can be achieved through the yellow shade. This color never disappoints us. If you are wondering which color to pick for your Indian festive dresses then hear us and go for yellow and the hues of its fraternity. The color finds a special place in the Moledro’s collection. Experimenting with bright yellow, amber yellow, and mustard shades in the ethnic wear for occasion is an easy task, thanks to the astute knowledge of the designer. Perfect for various occasions, the color yellow brings freshness and a sense of freedom to the eyes and gives a free-spirited vibe to the wearer.

3. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a color of boldness and many of us fear donning this shade. The color gives a youthful appearance and contrasts well with the beauty of nature. The fuchsia color without much effort takes the attention of the people and if carried right makes you the talk of the town. At Moledro, the color is experimented in various ways. Be it all the attires of the color in combination with yellow or golden, fuchsia adds that hint of exclusiveness and fearless attitude that gives Indian ethnic dresses the edge we all crave for.


Colors are no more just for decorative or eye-pleasing factors. It has become a part of making a statement. The minimalist way to give a view or particular angle to your personality is through colors. Moreover, if you study color psychology, the significance and the effect of each shade is different. To show the regality, the shades of purple, royal blue or gold are often used. Also, according to the region too, the color scheme changes. But with the right knowledge, today the designer studios are experimenting with it and adding opulence to the Indian Festive Wear.