Sand beaches and selfies in the sun immediately come to mind when we think of “The Summer”. Nothing, however, is worse than the sticky, sweaty sensation that comes with summer. Therefore, for summer wardrobes, women often have a preference for fabrics that are breathable. We want to be wearing loose, lightweight clothing that is ideally short. We transition to shorts, and skirts (mini, or midi), and tend to choose culottes or palazzo trousers. These fuller styles are wide-legged and flowing, allowing for airflow and flexibility without causing us any discomfort or soaking clothing.

Utilizing absorbent clothing is one of the finest strategies to combat the summer heat. Instead of retaining moisture on your skin, these fabrics drain moisture away from the body through evaporation from tiny pores of cloth and cool down the body. A light-colored textile tends to reflect radiations backward rather than storing them. Hence, people should refrain from wearing nylon, polyester, and synthetic materials when the temperature is hot. These hard fabrics can often cause skin allergies or summer rashes which most of us are not aware of.

So, if you are unsure of what material to wear this summer, here are some tips on how to choose the best fabrics:

Cotton that absorbs

"Cotton is said to be able to hold roughly twenty-five times its total weight in water," So when your body perspires due to the amount of moisture outside, the cotton will dry it out quickly. The fact that it allows air to flow freely between its fibers makes it a popular choice among families. Even additional absorbency can be found in cotton fabric with a honeycomb weave.

Khadi- The Summer-friendly fabric

It was amid the Swadeshi movement that this cloth first began to take shape, and since then it has grown immensely all over the world. The summer months will be scorching, but this low-maintenance fabric will keep you cool. Handwoven yarn is used to create the cloth known as khadi. Because it was made manually, the yarn density and weave have imperfections that increase breathability. It is simple to maintain and retains its shape when washed.

The shine of Rayon

It is a synthetic material created by humans using cotton, cellulose, wood pulp, and other natural materials. When it comes to different sorts of materials, rayon is the only man-made material that you can both get rid of and yet wear in the summer. Again, rayon's incredibly thin fibers allow for easy airflow between them. Your comfort will be increased because rayon won't stick to you.

The sustainable Linen

Without question, linen is a staple in every sustainable wardrobe. It's among the most comfortable types of materials to wear in the summer because it's classy, fashionable, and natural. Linen, a natural fiber derived from flax plants, is renowned for being cozy and cool. It has a smooth texture and comes in a variety of white or cream tones with a little gloss.

The luxurious Silk

Because of its natural protein structure and sufficient antibacterial characteristics, silk is a good material for clothing. It is suitable for wearing on special occasions because it has a lovely gloss and luster. In addition to being temperature-appropriate, the fabric dries moisture, enabling the skin to breathe. Every man and woman wants that "casual edginess" in their off-duty wardrobe, and silk is just as adaptable as other fabrics in that regard.