#CraftedInUnion: Celebrating the legacy of Indian Craftsmanship

Indian couture, an evolving fashion phenomenon in the history of Indian fashion industry keeps on developing in a sweet pace creating avant-garde ensembles which carry on the long lived legacy of Indian craftsmanship connecting the past with the present. Each handcrafted finery is curated meticulously with the use of traditional techniques like zardozi, dabka, mirror-work, block printing, foil printing etc. which has been preserved as our rich heritage from centuries-old generations. And giving a hand to Indian couture are the kaarigars who work behind the atelier alongside the designer bringing in their vision to life with keeping alive the artisanal status of craftsmanship. India in fashion has taken a new turn showcasing the essence of craftsmanship perfectly in blend with contemporary patterns and silhouettes. The kaarigars are like hands of the designers and designer are the brains who all together revel the rich cultural heritage of India in the fine art of handcrafts over pure fabrics made out from the Indian handlooms. While we get mesmerized by the beauty of the intricacies, there are times when we forgot to appreciate the unsung heroes working behind the curtains of Indian couture preserving the legacy of craftsmanship alive, the skilled hands that meticulously craft and embellish each outfit, turning them into a wearable work of art.

To enliven the rich cultural heritage induced in the special moments of people, designers tend to play with traditional patterns creating a whole new creation which is yet connected to the roots but trendy at the same time. Indian couture is a celebration of exquisite craftsmanship, regal fabrics, and timeless designs that have been passed down through generations. This fusion of tradition and glamour has captivated the world, making Indian couture a prominent and sought-after fashion phenomenon. Giving an ode to the rich cultural heritage of the country we celebrate the craftsmanship which creates threaded artistry all crafted in union making that bond of past with the present this independence #craftedinunion.

We here at Moledro atelier craft a bond of union, celebrating the preserved rich heritage which connects the past with present alongside aligned with the future. The kaarigars of the home-grown label come from different localities of Delhi, coming together at the atelier to create a union of handcrafted magic which connects the wearer with the realm envisioned by the Designer. The patterns and designs preserves the rich heritage of the country making this whole process so enriching like how the art form of craftsmanship is used to keep the rich culture heritage of India alive. With usage of purest of fabrics from Indian handlooms Moledro supports the idea of #MadeInIndia and the magic happens at the studio where the union of handcrafted art forms takes place creating an exquisite piece that resembles the heritage and culture of ours connecting the wearer to the royal lineage and traditions.

Threading a metaphorical blank canvas of fabric into something fine artistry is what does the hands of Moledro do, making the realm of the designer come to reality brightened up with the light of preserved craftsmanship over the handcrafted tapestry and that’s how one of a kind exquisite piece is curated at Moledro. Block printing is our forte, a generation long traditional technique done via carved wooden blocks is used to handprint the motifs. From our earliest collection to our current ones you could see a series of block prints over the ensemble mainly floral motifs as preserving the Mughals philosophy of how flowers metaphorically depicts paradise. A variation of geometrical prints could also be seen in the silhouettes which are then accentuated with artful sophistication with the usage of handcrafted techniques like zardozi, mirror-work, beads or sequins embroidery, dabka and nakshi, these fineries not only enhances the elegance of the silhouette but connects the wearer with the legacy of traditions and culture.

We celebrate the artisans and the home-grown labels out there who have taken the initiative of preserving the legacy of Indian craftsmanship under the shade of traditional handcrafted techniques making a realm of culture and traditions as the fashion phenomenon which will go on and on with the next generation.