Finding the Anarkali Dress of Your Dreams

What could be more glamorous than an Anarkali dress? It’s the perfect outfit to make you feel like a princess, with its stunning embroidery and flared skirt. But unfortunately, when you try shopping for designer Anarkali dresses for women online, it may seem like the perfect Anarkali dress is out of reach…or is it?

Should You Buy Designer Anarkalis Online?

It’s not that you won’t find your dream Anarkali dress online; it’s just that you may not know the best way to search for it! Shopping for designer ethnic dresses online is convenient and helps you look through more styles in a short while. But it can also become a labyrinth when you’re not sure of what to look for.

Here’s How to Snag the Perfect Anarkali

When you’re looking online, you’ll find tons of options for designer Anarkali dresses for women, making it too difficult to pick one that is perfect for you. But what if you had a better way to know which Anarkali dresses would suit you?
Anarkalis have a charm that can’t be replicated by any other designer ethnic dresses you see online. Hence, you need to select one carefully; not sure what you should look for? We’ve got your back.

Selecting the Fabric


The luxurious Zainab Anarkali

Anarkalis were the dresses worn by the wealthy courtesans in the Mughal Empire. Rightly, Anarkalis are generally made with luxurious fabrics which look glamorous once you put them on. Silk, Chiffon, and Georgette are preferred when you’re shopping for party wear. But fashion has evolved a lot from what it used to be. Today, you can even buy cotton Anarkalis, which are comfortable and fit for everyday wear.

Selecting the Design

Our classy Shaina Anarkali Gown

It’s hard to skip embroidery work when buying Anarkalis; it’s what makes them stand out. However, it would help if you were careful about selecting appropriate embroidery, especially when you’re not too keen on going all out. The heavier the embroidery, the more over the top your outfit will be, but we don’t hear many complaints! Ensure that there’s a balance between the work on the Anarkali and its overall look; sometimes, subtlety is the way to go.

Here’s another tip: If you feel your Anarkali is too plain, why not try dressing it up with a stunning dupatta? When selecting Anarkalis, ensure that the dupatta fits the bill as well. Generally, heavily embellished Anarkalis come with a simple dupatta to keep the limelight on the dress itself.

Sleeves are a must!

Our comfortable yet elegant Sabrina Anarkali Gown

Sleeveless Anarkalis are stunning, but if they aren’t your style, don’t hesitate to go for full-sleeved ones. After all, it’s how Anarkalis were traditionally made. Often, a net fabric or other translucent material is used for the sleeves to create a unique look. So, you can stay true to the true Anarkali style, but feel comfortable as well!

Though these tips may not look like much, they come in handy when you’re buying designer ethnic dresses, like Anarkalis, online! Now, you’ll find your perfect match in minutes; you’re welcome. If you’re eager to get started, why not browse Moledro for our vast collection of gorgeous Anarkalis?