Four Handpicked Outfits Ideas for your Vibrant Holi Parties

Nature is in its full bloom splashing colors to our beautiful surroundings and to herald the onset of spring after dark gloomy winters we celebrate this scintillating and vivid festival of colors. Holi has been one of the very important and ancient festivals in India with a lesson of good over evil and spreading happiness. We Indians have always believed in the power of prayers and kindness but to fight against evil we all must never feel demotivated to tough situations. And to mark the power of goodness and prayers Holi is celebrated to remember how Lord Vishnu saved his favorite devotee from all the evil powers and how we can always win over evil no matter how rough the situation is. And with holi comes all the scrumptious delicacies like gujia, dahi bade, Gulab Jamun and so many other yummiest Indian dishes. Festivals in India have much greater importance and preparations apart from food people pay much attention to the kind of clothes they will wear as meeting and greeting your family and friends is an essential part of any celebration. To wave off outfit selection stress we have handpicked 4 outfits exclusively designed for your beautiful celebrations and to memorize the togetherness.

Here is your perfect four for Holi 2021:

1)     Draped Kaftan with Dhoti - This is the representation of a divine serenity in its utmost glory handcrafted with gold foil-like fresh flowers drenched by sparkling rainwater.

Embellished in delicate crystals, the piece adds a bold touch of femininity with dhoti pants to unleash a striking persona. Get drenched into season’s vivid beauty and soak into the colors of Holi with this amazing hand-painted fusion outfit perfect for your rolling Holi parties.

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2)     Free Flowy Kaftan - Glow like a shining diva in this glitzy green kaftan dress at your evening parties and unwind that free-spirited soul of yours. Lose control and be your true self while you are completely enjoying the festive vibes. This stunning outfit had been adorned with golden vertical lines on an easy breezy fabric highlighted with block prints and floral motifs.

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3)    Floral Sharara Set - This soft subtle hand-painted sharara set with floral motifs over the silky satin fabric perfect for those mornings which are filled with love and laughter. This beautiful sharara is a love weaved for happy moments to cherish. Twirl around with the colors of joy and happiness in this yet elegant attire and make your festival a capturing moment.

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4) Trendy Crop Top & Pants - Slay the stunning look with this new age outfit exclusively design for cosmopolitan souls who want a hassle-free dress with a charming pattern and styling. The peppy crop top has a dramatic sleeve and elegant pants to go all stylish and talk of the town for your vibrant holi party.

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This Holi wear colors of nature hand-painted and weaved delicately for celebrating the rainbow of life. Explore the richness of tradition with new-age styling at Moledro’s exclusive offline and online store.

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