How to store your expensive wedding outfits?

Once in a while, we do get an opportunity to buy our fancy dreamy designer outfits, and this comes mainly during the dramatic wedding season. The heavy embroideries, shine of that rich fabric, delicate detailing, and many such things make your dreamy outfit a special one. With all the heavy work and delicate designing comes the responsibility to preserve your precious dress because sometimes due to carelessness and lousy storage leads to spoiling of these tender beauties. Remember when you touch and feel the soft subtle texture and admiring the handcrafted detailing, everything which you love about that outfit needs special care to preserve it for ages.

Don’t we all have at least once asked our mothers to share their favorite saree or lehenga for our special occasion, and sometimes we also get scolded for not handling it properly. This is because our mothers have very preciously treasured their favorite outfit, which has so many memories.

Similarly, to keep your exclusive designer dresses intact, there are few essential steps to follow which will help to treasure your share your memories.

  • Dry Cleaning - Always give your expensive clothes for dry cleaning as soon as you are free from all the festivity or the celebration because many times the unattended attires with dust and stain leaves the outfit spoiled. Therefore, it is advisable to dry clean your expensive heavy items of clothing soon without delay as it may further cause spoiling of your exclusive outfit.
  • Iron - To prevent those unwanted creases over your exclusive clothes, make sure you iron them by covering them with a muslin cloth. As direct heat may damage the embroideries and the delicate fabrics. In this way, you can keep it crease-free and new for a long time.
  • Fold your heavy dresses - It is mainly advisable to fold your heavy garments like lehenga and anarkali to keep the shape of your clothes perfect. These heavy outfits generally lose elasticity and shape over time due to hanging with the weight of the embellishments and other works.
  • Use muslin for wrapping - After you have done folding, wrap it around carefully with a pure muslin so that it can prevent your garment from moisture while it in better condition. Use a good quality lengthy muslin to cover the whole outfit.
  • Keep insects away - Try using lavender oil sachet, naphthalene balls, or any such thing which can prevent your expensive clothes from insect bites and hole.
Anything which needs to be preserved as a treasure requires an ample amount of care and love from time to time, and your beautifully designed clothes are no different. We just need to follow some essential tips to store them properly, and your stunning clothes will sparkle for years as brand new.