How To Take The Best Care Of Your Fabrics To Increase Their Durability

Have you tried your mom’s favorite saree for any special occasion? If yes, then you will know how important it is to take really good care of those timeless beauties to treasure them for generations. You must be wondering how that single piece haven’t lost their charm. That is because your mother must have preserved them so well with proper care and love. But you know what we all can protect our favorite outfits from getting damaged by maintaining the clothes from time to time. Let’s check out few important aspects to preserve those expensive dresses which gets affected over time due to lack of care and love.

1)     Washing Instructions

Try not to wash very frequently your dresses that are delicate and have been embellished heavily. Maybe you can dry-clean them rather than washing them in a machine frequently. Because washing frequently your precious clothes may affect the colors, fabric texture, and shine. So, to avoid such damages we should try to rather try to use them at least twice before washing.

2)     Steamer/ Iron

Steaming your clothes rather than ironing help in so many ways starting from the topmost thing that is sanitizing which is a top priority during pandemic days. As we all want to stay protected against infections, it’s best to use the steamer as they make your clothes fresh to reuse without creases and germs. Whereas when we are using iron it tends to make our clothes get affected by the extreme heat and sometimes due to ignorance our favorite clothes might get burnt or discolored.

3)     Basic Repairing

Try to do the basic repairing of your sudden damages of outfits like buttons or zips etc to keep them in usability and to prevent further spoiling.

4)     Laundering with care

Few things we all should keep in mind before giving our clothes for laundering them. One should always remember to differentiate white clothes from the rest of the clothes. Also, try to segregate the clothes which have the tendency to bleed, or else these will color your other outfits. Secondly, each pocket should be checked twice for any kind of coins, notes, tissues, or food items left. Emptying the pockets will make easy and gentle washing without any damage to clothes.

5)     Avoid drying the clothes

We should not use dryer more often as it might lead to cracks in the garment and eventually leading to damaging the strength of the fabric.

Memories come in many shapes, sizes or categories and clothes are especially important part of that beautiful journey. We never forget what we wore for our sister’s wedding or on our first anniversary, so yes dates and clothes go hand in hand. And these days it is a trend to recycle your old outfits into a new one with just a few twists and redesigning.

So, if you really want to preserve your favorite delicate outfit, dress, or a vintage saree try to keep the above pointers in mind to protect them to get spoiled with time.