Like and Buy: How Social Media Has Impacted the Fashion Industry

The 21st century is the digital age; it's hard to find any aspect of a person's life which social media have not pervaded. There's hardly any time spent away from our phones, from getting our news from Instagram to following our favourite celebrities across social media apps.

Naturally, social media has also impacted an integral part of our lives, the Fashion Industry. Whether you realize it or not, you're a part of the Fashion Industry to some extent. Nope, you don't have to be a designer to be a part of the fashion world; even passive consumers count.

How Social Media Has Affected the Fashion Industry

Though the true impact of social media can be discussed at great length, it is beyond the scope of the current article. But that does not mean we can't look at some exciting ways that social media has impacted the fashion industry over the past several years?

Fashion Hacks

Truly a standout, fashion hacks (and sometimes, you don't know which 'hack' they mean) have become extremely popular across social media. From quick tips to understand how different clothing should fit you to upcycling ideas that give your clothes a new life. They're not just popular because of how useful they can be, but sometimes, because of how over the top some ideas are. Whether you want this trend to stay or die is your call, but you can't deny that these hacks have flooded all social media platforms.

Diversity in Fashion

More in line with what you would expect from an article discussing social media and fashion is the idea of diversity. One of the great things about social media is that anyone and everyone can use it. So, unwittingly, people from various corners of the world were launched into fame for multiple ideas. For example, only supermodels would be deemed fashion influencers; now, you get hauls and fashion tips aplenty. Not only has this expanded the idea of what fashion is, but also of who can make it big in fashion.

It's Not Just the Big Names

Gone are the days when Indie designers barely had a voice in the fashion industry. Thanks to social media and well-crafted marketing campaigns, the idea of 'indie' has completely changed. As long as you can anticipate the next trend, you can make anything go viral, especially when you've got the talent to back it up. So not only have Indie designers been able to reach a wider audience, but it has also become a fashion statement in itself for fashion influencers to introduce lesser-known brands to their audience.

Social media has been a game-changer for many industries. It is hard to name one which has not been affected by the vast growing social apps we see today. For some, the change has been subtle; for others, it has been more prominent. Every year, social media is reaching a new potential; I wonder what it will bring about next?