Make it last- Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion can be described as shoes, clothing and accessories that are used and created, while also taking social, economic as well as environmental aspects into account. While empowering a change to fashion products and the fashion system, sustainable fashion is a procession towards greater ecological integrity. Moledro is pioneering the journey of luxury textiles towards sustainability.

Our collection comprises specialized stoles, fabrics, art textiles and garments. These textiles are all handcrafted by our artisans with the application of varied techniques of screen printing, block printing, surface ornamentation, value additions such as applique, tribal embroidery and more.

Sustainable fashion is all about buying garments which do little or no damage to the environment while being produced and they don’t cause any harm to the environment once they are discarded.

In the Indian market ethical or sustainable clothing has started making its mark. Gone are those days when organic fashion was synonymous, to boring old school clothing.

Moledro takes stride towards sustainable fashion as it brings together as many hands as possible who work in synergy in the creation of luxury handcrafted apparel. We as a brand, use the utmost number of hands to enhance and preserve the Indian textile heritage and the artisans who pour the soul into their master crafts. By the production of these fabrics, people get encouraged to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. Our line of garments not only encourages the one who makes it but also the one who wears it.

Sustainable fashion is not just restricted with the products or the fashion textiles merely, they encompass the whole system of fashion- which includes the dealing with the interdependent ecological, social, cultural and financial systems.

Whether one prefers to rebuild their wardrobe often or sporadically are one of the most important choices when buying a new line of clothing. Buying new clothing that are manufactured in a socially/ethically and environmentally conscious manner is something we all should aspire to as much as possible.