Afsa Sharara SetAfsa Sharara Set

Afsa Sharara Set

From ₹160,000.00
Aiza SareeAiza Saree

Aiza Saree

From ₹80,000.00
Kiara Sharara SetKiara Sharara Set

Kiara Sharara Set

From ₹160,000.00
Naaz SareeNaaz Saree

Naaz Saree

From ₹80,000.00

Amidst the beautiful chaos called life, there lies a moment encapsulating a heart’s desire to sing, almost similar to finding an oasis in a desert.

Our Nazm references a song describing this metaphorical place of tranquility, wherein the muse’s experience of her being is the same as that of a seeker looking for the destination. She is so joyous and blissful in her quest to find love that the metaphorical garden of grace and joy follows her.

The journey comprises the bittersweet moments in life; the path leading to change, all pointing her in direction of love...

The blooming florals, beautiful creepers in multicolored hues of the collection are an ode to this song, the beautiful moments that make memories and are cherished for life…

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