Do’s and Don’ts for expecting mothers during pandemic!

Never in our wildest dreams, we have imagined living during an era of a pandemic where everything will come to pause. From jobs to schools and even daily routine lives of common folks came to halt during the year 2020-2021. To date, we all are living our lives in fear that at some point we might get infected, but we all know life does not stop for anyone, we must keep moving with our jobs, studies, and other important things. It was stated by experienced health professionals that people who are most vulnerable to this deadly COVID-19 virus are with a pre-existing illness like kidney ailments, diabetes, BP, and few other diseases, senior citizens, kids, and expecting mothers. So, where everyone seemed freaked out with the ongoing pandemic how we can expect would-be mothers to stay calm. This is obvious for them to be scared and worried as they are the one carrying another life nurturing her baby with blood and soul. But where there is a problem, we humans tend to always look for ways towards solutions because we are the species who know the basics of survival. So, there are few ways by which expecting moms can stay healthy, safe, and in good mental health.

Let us explore the Do’s and Don’ts to experience a healthy and happy pregnancy!


1) Stay informed with the right information - It is especially important to have the right kind of knowledge from an experienced healthcare professional rather than believing everything you are hearing over social media or through any random person. Because then only you can plan your lifestyle and daily routine safely. For any kind of confusion try to speak to your healthcare expert and share your doubts to stay calm.

2) Plan your pregnancy - Planning is the key to success, this one line applies to everything you do in your life. And when it is planning a baby then you must be extra careful with everything ready by your side. Talk to your doctor, partner, and family members, make a list of everything from your daily diet to monthly check-ups, and most importantly your expenses. Because we never know about the uncertainty during such unpredictable times.

3) Save More - We all know how important is to save money and especially when you are adding a new member to your family. Pregnancy brings extra expenses from doctor’s fees to regular investigations, emergency bills, and most importantly during COVID where jobs and business are severely affected saving money has been the real lifesaver.

4) Build your immunity - Strong immunity is the real boon for a healthy body and mind. By eating fruits, green leafy vegetables, juices, and having home-cooked food will make you strong from within. Apart from eating healthy, would-be mothers should indulge themselves in some prescribed yoga and exercises under the guidance of an expert. Women can do stretching, breathing and few other exercises advised by your trainer, this will not only build your stamina but will eventually prepare you for your painful labours.

5) Take precautions - And finally please, please sanitize your hands or wash them off the moment you are touching any surface, doorknobs, or anything that has been exposed to many other people. We often tend to ignore this simple basic thumb rule to fight covid-19 i.e., washing our hands or sanitizing. This virus is not going anywhere soon, and we must learn to live with it for an exceedingly long time as instructed by WHO, so it's better we make it a habit of religiously sanitizing hands and wearing masks. It’s hard to wear masks always especially during summers but adjusting to it is better than falling sick to this deadly virus.


1) Avoid going to crowded places - This is important for our expecting mothers as it is highly likeable for them to get infected in densely crowded places. Try to avoid as much as possible to step out and if you want to get the fresh air make some routine of taking a walk during early hours at park or maybe at your own garden/terrace.

2) Quit junk food/alcohol/smoking - One of the most attractive yet destroying habits is eating junk food, drinking alcohol, or smoking. We all know how harmful these can be, yet we tend to fall for them often. But when you know that another soul is breathing within you then it is advisable to go ahead with few changes in your lifestyle for a beautiful and healthy pregnancy.

3) Don’t believe every piece of advice - Always talk to your doctor about any kind of confusion because everybody is different and so is every pregnancy. Some had to stay 9 months in bed, and some might be lucky to live a normal lifestyle, it all varies from person to person. So, just do not start following every piece of advice pouring freely to you, consult your doctor first, and then start working accordingly.

4) Stressing - Mental health is the real key to happiness, peace for a healthy mind and body. Problems are inevitable and so is stressing over them is a human tendency, but we should learn to manage stress and stay calm. Because stressing excessively can affect your baby leading to complications. So, practice stress management exercises or yoga, try to ignore what not important and focus only on you and your baby.

We all have been gifted by different abilities by God, but the only thing that is common with all of us is a desire to live a happy, fulfilled, and beautiful life. And the road to this lovely future is positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle. Love yourself and do not let any fear to ruin your beautiful future. You are not alone we all are fighting against this virus in our ways, so fight off your fears and start living a healthy life.