Why your overall wellbeing is more important than anything else during a pandemic?

We as individuals will in general flourish while remaining socially associated with keeping up our mental stability. Regardless of whether it is going to the working environment and meeting our colleagues or meeting our loved ones, we like to be associated and feel the human touch. Be that as it may, because of these continuous pandemic things have been changed, individuals can't meet anyone, neither can go to the workplace nor can spend time with companions. Life has been confined within walls and windows, making it harder to remain normal both intellectually and truly. To keep the general prosperity of ourselves we can rehearse a portion of the tips prompted by specialists from the world.

Eat Healthy - Our body is like a temple, to keep it pure we need to give it pure. Eating healthy and home-cooked meals will not only help you recover fast but will also add more nutrients to your body. One can make a diet chart weekly which should include all kinds of pulses and green veggies, fruits mostly. The more you will give good nutrients to your body more quickly you will recover and stay fit.

Stay Hydrated - Due to long working hours and constantly sitting at one place while working from home we often forget to drink fluids. One should take 2-3 litres of water daily with other fluids like juice and fruits which have high water content. Flushing out the toxins is especially important, and this can only be achieved by taking more fluids.

Meditate/Exercise - Mental health has been neglected always because it is not visible by eyes, but it can be felt and we often ignore this feeling of anxiety, fear, sadness, and many other things which not only make you worst over time but also ultimately affect your physical health. No matter how hard your situation is one should consult the mental health practitioners and most importantly focus on meditating and practicing yoga. Some of the breathing exercises will help you focus better and will keep your lungs intact. Meditation is like eating healthy for your mind and therefore this helps you to stay calm and focused while you manage work and house during such tough times.

Limit your screen time - One of the most crucial things is to limit your screen time by working continuously for your job and then scrolling the phones flooded with news and social media. We need to understand that staying informed is different but getting overwhelmed with everything will affect your mind over time. Because we all know how worst things are and there are many rumors and fake news is also in the air, so to avoid creating more anxieties and a sense of fear it is important to limit your screen time overall.

Stay connected to your loved ones - In these desperate and uncertain times staying connected to your family and friends is probably among the most important things. Things are really very tough for everyone and to be on the side of your loved one even virtually or over a call just let them know you are there, and we all are in this together.

Everything will fall in place we just need to stay sane and focus on our overall health as they an age-old proverb that health is wealth which is so true seeing the current scenario. So, keep following daily routines, eat healthy, practice meditation or exercise and simply talk to your loved ones. With time we all will overcome this devastating situation and once again life will be all meeting people in person, smiles, and hugging.