Making Velvets: A Deep Dive into this Luxe Fabric

Designer velvet shawls, evening gowns, and dresses are everywhere, but what goes into making this fabric? The uniquely soft texture of Velvets makes them stand out and the ideal choice for occasion wear. With its comfortable feel, this fabric makes otherwise stiff and gaudy costumes look elegant and regal. What makes this fabric so charming?

The Unmatched Feel of Velvet

If you’ve been browsing for wedding outfits, you may have noticed an uptick in the number of designer velvet shawls for women. Well, that’s because Velvets are making a major comeback, not just in India but all over the world.

For many, when they read the word ‘Velvet,’ it’s hard not to imagine the feel of the plush fabric on their fingers. The unique feel of this material helps it stand out from others. When used to make dresses, gowns, and more, the fabric lends a blurred look to the outfit, making it look almost fantastical.

What Does ‘Velvet’ Mean?

Unlike cotton, wool, jute, or silk, the term ‘Velvet’ refers to the weave of the fabric, not the fiber. Yes, Velvet is woven, not knitted (then, it would be referred to as ‘Velour’). Velvet could only be made by hand in ancient times as it involved a complicated process. Hence, it was not only a labor-intensive process but quite time-consuming. Thus, only the royal and the very wealthy could afford the luxury of Velvet, or mukhmul.

Today, the fabric is woven on special looms that closely weave to fibers together, ensuring that they face each other. So, how does it get its distinctive soft-feel and hazy look? Once woven together, the two fabrics are then cut apart, forming short piles with a dense and even distribution of the raised loops and yarn.

What fiber is used to create this material? Velvet is known to have been associated with royalty. Hence, it is no surprise that traditionally, Velvet was weaved using silk, which helped enhance its beauty. Today, however, you can achieve a similar luster using different fibers, producing differing sheen and texture.

Where is Velvet Used?

The use of Velvet in fashion is no secret; designer velvet wedding shawls, to Anarkalis, you’ll find it used for most wedding wear. Velvet is the material of choice when going for a regal look, and why wouldn’t it be? The trademark weave of this fabric gives it a blurred sheen, which reflects light beautifully. With Velvet, less is always more.

Traditional and western wear use Velvet to create standout pieces in bold colors. With the 70s trends making a comeback, it’s not surprising to see Velvet hit the shelves. Understated yet elegant, this material is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any look.

However, Velvet doesn’t just find its use in wedding wear, but in upholstery and interior décor as well. Indeed, it is a versatile fabric that deserves every praise it gets. So, make this your fabric of choice this wedding season to find some evergreen pieces that add sophistication to your wardrobe.