The Incredible Story of Indigo - A Natural dye in Human History!

Indigo is the naturally developed organic color that initially originated somewhere around 4000 years back in Egypt, India, and China. Indigo's name suggests "the Indian" or "from India," but besides India, it has traces in tropical zones in Africa and China too. Our ancestors have discovered their love for the indigo way back in ancient history, which originated by using the Indigofera Tinctoria plant to dye the clothes. We guess affection for this rich deep hue of blue can be witnessed in our ancestors from a very long time, which inspired them to develop such mystical color for dresses. It is believed to be the long-lasting color for textiles as compared to the original blue paint. This naturally derived color is not an easy task to obtain; the plant leaves are fermented to create the indigo dye. Furthermore, it doesn't dye in the pot during the textile dying process, whereas it takes air drying of the fabric, which eventually turns the color from yellow to green ultimately to deep dark blue.

Indigo plantation was settled by Britishers in India and many other western countries. Back during those days, it used to be comparatively valuable like currency and was only used by aristocrats and privileged sections of society. But growing demand and less availability led to meet the need by developing synthetic Indigo which was not the organic and original one. This uniquely majestic textile is one such dyed fabric that has ruled the world for centuries, and for years it has significant importance in various cultures around the world. Here it represents classic patterns of tribal India with unparalleled reminiscence of the rich cultural background. Traditionally during the initial years, India used to trade the blue Indigo to Europe, where it was termed "Blue Gold" due to rich deep color and naturally developed technique, which was a trend in western countries. A passion involved with traditional art and innovations helps in bringing this luxurious deep color into life.

Today Indigo is one of the most loved fabrics during summers, and it has been revolutionized into Dresses, Kurtis, Suits, Sarees, and other contemporary outfits. Everyone loves to have at least one indigo-dyed outfit in their wardrobe to beat the heat during summer outdoors. It's been years since Indigo came into the limelight. Since then, it is unstoppable; nobody could have ever resisted the charm of this naturally blended colored fabric, which is meant to be for a regal look. And such exquisite materials add grandeur to one aura and still can be the evergreen textile option for generations.