Your Style Guide: Selecting Designer Ethnic Wear, Made Easy!

We’re cautiously optimistic as we say hello to 2022; what surprises does it hold? Although we are eager to see what the new year brings, introducing our clients to all that we have in store, we’ll try to keep our excitement at bay. No jinxes here, please!

We always believe that a new year is an opportunity for a new beginning. And, how else should you welcome a new chapter in your life than making sure to put your most fashionable foot forward? As we continue to mask up and stay indoors as much as possible, it doesn’t mean that our closet couldn’t use some TLC. Unfortunately, for many, shopping online is a whole new beast that people aren’t sure how to tackle. How can you picture the look and feel from a few pixels?

Like you can count on Moledro to offer you the best designs for ethnic wear, you can trust us to have your back when shopping online. We've curated a checklist to make online shopping easy-peasy with some careful research (read: our obsession with making sure our clients have the best online shopping experience).

Let’s take a look!

Has Online Shopping Ever Been Easier?

Dive in and find out how to cut down hours on your online shopping quests. Finding your next occasion wear will seem like a breeze with this list.

Say Yes to Vibrant Colours

Who can ever say less is more when selecting festive wear? Go for bold colours for your ethnic outfits to help accentuate their beauty. Take note of colours that you gravitate to and make a list of the colours you enjoy wearing; it helps narrow down your options when shopping online.

Orange Lehenga Set

Always Check the Material

First thing’s first: comfort above all else. If you ever find it difficult to browse through options online, filter by material. After all, you wouldn’t want to be sweating your beautiful Anarkali, would you?

Stick to One Style

To be fair, ethnic wear is a broad term, and though we love all kinds of ethnic wear at Moledro, we agree that not every style is suited for every occasion. While it’s good to keep your options open, know which outfit styles you don’t want to opt for. Got an after-work event? Well, showing up in a saree may be cutting it too close, attending a friend’s wedding? No less than a lehenga will do.

Appreciate the Craft

Undoubtedly the variety of colours and prints among ethnic wear in India is enough to win our hearts. However, when browsing through ethnic wear online, take some time to appreciate the design and the craft. While the beautiful lehenga with contrasting colours may look stunning in pictures, it may have taken months of hard work to materialise.

Designer Lehenga set

Feel free to personalise this list according to your tastes, and don’t hesitate to share it with friends who struggle to snag good finds online. However, we hope you don’t have to look beyond Moledro for your next occasion wear.